How To Dress For Winter Weather


What a difference the right clothing can make. The weather may be cold, windy and wet, but you’re warm and dry because you’re wearing authentic winter apparel. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or just running errands, versatile winter apparel is worth the investment.
Shopping for winter clothing can seem a bit overwhelming. New fabrics and insulations are constantly making apparel warmer, more breathable and more waterproof. Fashions seem to change by the season. But don’t worry. This guide is designed to give you some basic information about dressing for winter and will make your next shopping trip a lot easier.

•Layer Up: Proper winter dressing means three layers # wicking, insulating and protection. Find out what kind of clothing is best for each.
•Accessorize: What to wear on your head, eyes, hands and feet
•Fashion Tips: How to get the best clothing fit, and what not to wear in the snow 

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